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The following are The Transportation Library Main Categories and descriptions. Each main category has a group of sub categories in that area that you can view by clicking on the main category name. This listing is typically available in the left hand menu while browsing the library.

Construction and Design | Environment and Planning | Government and Legal
Ops, Maintenance, Safety | Policy and Organization | Transportation Modes


Construction and Design


Construction management and safety. Cement, concrete and pavement construction. Construction safety. Crane and hoist safety. Construction work ergonomics. Explosive safety. Fall protection and slips and falls. Ladder and platform safety. Welding safety. Personal Protective Equipment - PPE.


Geometric design for traffic operations and safety. Roadside safety structure design. Low volume streets. Environmental and landscape design. Hydrology and hydraulics, surface water drainage and water quality. Utility accommodations in transportation facilities.

Geology - Soil Mechanics

Geological engineering. Soil and rock properties and processes. Frost and freezing / thawing impacts on on transportation infrastructure. Foundations, stabilizations and drainage. Earthworks and geomechanic modeling.

Pavement Management

Pavement management systems. Full-scale pavement testing. Rigid and flexible pavement design. Vehicle and surface interaction.

Paving Materials

Asphalt and other bituminous materials and concrete materials used for paving roads.


Physical behavior and service life of bridges and structures for transportation systems. Steel and concrete bridge design. Dynamics and field testing of bridges. Seismic design and performance of bridges. Tunnels and culverts. Fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) in transportation structures.

Environment and Planning


Transportation energy. Consumption, security, greenhouse gas emissions. Alternative transportation fuels, emerging technologies and peak oil.


Environmental issues in transportation. Air quality, water quality. Transportation related noise and vibration. Preservation of historic and archeological sites in transportation projects.

Social - Economic Issues

Economic development. Land development and land use. Sustainability and environmental justice.

System Policy - Planning

Comprehensive multimodal statewide, metro, and small community transportation planning. National parks and public lands. Transportation access management. Public involvement and outreach. Systems evaluation. TDM - Transportation Demand Management. Congestion pricing. Mobility and accessibility of transportation. Fleet policies.

Travel Analysis Methods

Traveler behavior, values and attitudes. Transportation demand forecasting. Land-use, demographics and technologies in forecasting transportation usage. Transportation network modeling.

Government and Legal


Arbitration. Alternate billing arrangements. Litigation cost control. Case management. Legal forms, contracts, model documents. Computer, internet, & intellectual property law. Attorney-client priviledge. Law libraries and sources for legal research, case law, verdicts and settlements, consumer law brochures, etc. Business law. Securities law. Employee benefits. Insurance law. Consumer law. Labor law. Environmental law. Health law. Transportation law. Real estate law.


Full text of regulations of interest to risk managers, insurance, environmental safety & health, occupational medicine, human resource managers, etc. - over 30 categories of federal and industry standards and codes (e.g, ADA, CFR, DOT, EPA, FDA, HFCA, OSHA, etc.) Most include the text of US national industry standards & federal laws with interpretations of specific passages and resources to assist with compliance. Note: in general, the industry standards are not available in full text here - catalog ordering information provided in these cases, such as ANSI/ISO, NFPA, ASTM, ASAE, NEC and others.

US Federal Government

Access to websites of federal government departments & agencies. Includes databases of legislation, government publications, consumer brochures, court opinions & statistics. Reference libraries. Full text & interpretations of various laws and a wide variety of resources of interest to risk managers, professionals in environmental safety & health, occupational medicine, human resource managers, etc. Resources for doing business with the US government - request for proposals, government sales, etc.

US State Government

Official state government websites and their state agencies such as insurance, labor, health, motor vehicle and public safety, environmental safety and health, etc. Full text of state statutes. (except for PA which has with the majority of state statutes accessible online.) 36 states have the full text of their state regulations online with partial access to regulations for 4 states. Links to municipalities and local government within a state.


Ops, Maintenance, Safety

Equipment Safety

Machine guarding, crane safety, hoist safety, forklift safety, lockout/tagout programs, sandblasting safety, elevator safety, tool safety, welding safety, material handling, platform safety.


Transportation maintenance management. Pavement management with sealants, fillers, etc. Structure and bridge maintenance. Corrosion and winter maintenance. Maintenance fleet and equipment.


Transportation operations and systems management. Intelligent transportation systems, ITS. Traffic signal systems, traffic control devices and freeway operation. Managed lanes, HOV systems, vehicle-highway automation. Highway capacity.


Policy and Organization

Data Analysis

Transportation Data and Information Systems. Travel and activity surveys. Survey design, data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting. GIS-T - Geographic Information Systems in Transportation. Artificial Intelligence - Expert system research. Statistical methodology. Fleet and transportation statistics.

Disaster Response

How to create emergency plans. Publications, maps, reports, fact sheets and other materials that assist with the creation of disaster response plans. Fact sheets, maps, bulletins, emergency response plan, prevention guides on natural hazards - earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, winter storms, hurricanes, wildfires, volcanoes, landslides, etc. Resources and guidance on counter-terrorism, bomb threats, power outages, biochem warfare, radiological events, etc. Guidelines for health services in disasters - manuals of management of chemical casualties, emergency preparedness plans and disaster programs. Hazmat resources - dangerous goods primers, response team plans, spill containment programs. Government emergency response services - federal, state and local. Government contacts and hotlines.

Education and Research

Transportation education and training. Information science and technology. Transportation and fleet research. Fleet manuals.

General Reference

A wide variety of reference materials such as, scientific data conversion, distance, weight and measures, date and time gateways, financial calculators, metric conversion tables. Merriam Webster dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, online language translators and numerous glossaries. Clip art and graphics. Directories for e-mail addresses. Maps of individuals & businesses. Internet guides, search engines, browsers & software. Comic strips & profession-related jokes. SIC code manuals. Travel resources (agencies, airlines, hotel chains, travel warnings, etc.) Real-time traffic photos and traffic conditions. Weather maps, storm trackers, meterological information, hazard warnings, live weather cameras. Guides to web page design, HTML code authoring, color charts, etc. Information and directories for contacting USA federal government representatives in the House and Senators, as well as political party information.

Management - Leadership

Strategic change and management. Improved performance of transportation organizations. Performance measurement. Transporation asset management - maintaining, operating and upgrading the physical assets of the transporation system. Transporation and fleet organizations and associations.

Transportation Finance

Meeting transportation needs of all modes through financial planning and financing. Congestion pricing and tolling. Sources of revenue, allocation of costs, pricing policies. Governmental financial arrangements and subsidies. Accounting and fiscal management of transportation monies. Fuel/gas tax.
Sub-Categories Include: Finance, Public Private Partners, Taxes

Transportation Modes


Aviation system planning and airport master planning. Environmental impacts of aviation. Economics and forecasting of the aviation system. Airport terminal design. Increase capacity and reduce delay in the aviation system. General fleet aviation and commuter and short-haul light aircraft. Aviation safety and security

Commute Options

Commuting alternatives to get to work and reduce overall congestion on roadways and transit. Ridesharing and vanpools. Telework, telecommuting and alternative work schedules. Parking management. Employer outreach.

Drivers and Vehicles

Vehicle user characteristics. Transportation user information systems. Visibility. Crash tests. Vehicle theft prevention and statistics. Travel safety tips. Vehicle and accident costs. Motor vehicle records. Vehicle inspections.


Planning, financing and managing coastal and Great Lakes ports and channels. Port maintenance and development. Cargo handling. Land side access. Cruise operations. Integrating water transportation into a multi-modal transportation system. Freight and passenger movement in inland and intercoastal waterways. Port facilities. Inland water transportation into intermodal system integration. Impacts of modes of transportation on the marine environment. Marine safety and maritime security.

Pedestrians and Cycles

Information on pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and other cycle transportation.

Public Transportation

Transit management and performance. Transit capacity. Public transportation planning. Marketing and fare policy. Transit fleet maintenance. Major Activity Center (MACs) Circulation Systems. Bus and rail transit systems. Paratransit. Ferry transportation.


Intercity rail passenger systems. Railroad operating technologies. Freight transport. Railroad track system design. Railway maintenance and safety.

Trucking-Freight Systems

Trucking industry research. Motor carrier and trailer safety. Hazardous material transport - hazmat. Freight logistics and intermodal freight transportation. International trade and transportation. Urban freight, agricultural and military transportation.

Bolded SubCategories indicates that there are resources that have been added or updated in the last 30 days.

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