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Transportation safety management. Traffic law enforcement. Truck, bus, and RV safety. Safe driving tips, cell phone use. Driver fatigue and accident prevention. Driver education and regulation. DUI, DWI and substance abuse and driving. Road rage and aggression. Work zone safety. Airbags.

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation program guidelines. Accident analysis tools, methods for determining causes & contributing factors of major accidents, techniques for identifying unsafe conditions and procedures. Online tutorial. Workbook for conducting accident investigations. Full text of accident investigation programs. OSHA recordkeeping.

Accident Prevention

Accident reconstruction materials. Methods for determining causes & contributing factors of vehicle accidents. Guide to determine the preventability of an accident. Articles focused on what the driver should do in the event of an accident. Causes of trailer underride accidents. Case studies of accidents.


Safety bulletins related to the safety, operation, repair and maintenance of boilers & pressure vessels.

Cold Stress

Prevention of cold stress, wind chill factors, human thermal comfort requirements

Compressed Gas

Safety materials related to the handling, storage and transportation of compressed gas cylinders, pressure vessels, etc. Pressure hoses.

Confined Space Program

Full text of a technical resource manual on confined space entry and a confined space safety program. Permit-required and nonpermit space requirements.

Crash Data

Statistics and data on accidents, road fatalities, crashes and other highway safety.

DOT Hazmat

Procedures to take with chemical spills. Information on sorbent materials. DOT hazardous materials packaging requirements. Performance-Oriented Packaging Standard. Clarifications & exemptions to hazmat regulations. North American Emergency Response Guidebook. Training requirements. ERT. Hazmat forms and documents. Hazardous Materials Incident Prevention Manual.

Explosive Safety

Full text of federal laws and regulations on explosives such as those from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. US Dept of Transportation hazardous materials transportation guides.

Fall Protection

How to use fall arrest systems. Requirements for fall protection.

Fire Extinguishers

Proper use and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Fire Hazards

Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

Fire Prevention

Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

Fire Programs

Fire prevention programs. Fire safety talks. Safety checklists. Fire safety program tips. Fire protection program models. Standard operating procedures. Fire safety program implementation guide.


Guidance on NFPA hazard guidelines related to flammable and combustible liquids and gases, spray painting, fireworks, battery charging, etc.


ANSI requirements for material safety data sheets (MSDS). Chemical Right-to-Know support materials for SARA Title III and Hazard Communication Program. Comparison of DOT, HMIS, NFPA & SAF-T-DATA chemical label systems. Brochures, training materials, programs guidance on Hazard Communication. Sample written Hazard Communication programs.

Heat Stress

Adaptive Model of Thermal Comfort. Wind chill chart. Heat stress. Extreme cold.

Inspection Forms

Full text of self-inspection checklists for general industry and construction. Series of safety checklists for physical hazards, equipment, etc. Sample yes/no workplace safety checklists.

Labeling Chemicals

Guidance on the required information for chemical hazard label systems for DOT, HMIS, NFPA diamond. Explanations of R-phrases, S-phrases & corresponding number codes used on chemical labels in the European Union. The pesticide label review manual used by the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs. NFPA Hazard Information Rating Tables - access databases to determine the NFPA symbol code for each chemical listed.

Landscaping Safety

Safety hazards and controls in plant nurseries - landscaping safety

Lighting Safety

How to assess lighting conditions. Evaluating the need for an upgrade. Financial considerations.

NFPA Codes

National Fire Protection Association - As part of its commitment to enhancing public safety through the adoption and enforcement of key ANSI codes and standards, NFPA is making all of its codes and standards available for review online by the public.

Office Safety

Office safety training materials - programs, checklists, handouts, safety talks, etc.

Older Person Mobility

Training materials, fatality facts and other information related to elderly drivers and to teenage drivers.

Operator Fatigue

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue and Alertness Study. Facts about drowsy driving and recommendations on effective countermeasures.

OSHA Electrical

OSHA technical resources to assist with control of electrical hazards. Directives and guidance to OSHA inspectors on lockout/tagout inspections.

OSHA Fire Safety

Very large number of technical resources related to OSHA requirements and spray operations, compressed gas, pressure vessels, welding, cutting and brazing. OSHA fire safety standards.

OSHA Forms

Download OSHA logs and forms for workplace injury recordkeeping requirements, complaints

OSHA Ventilation

Technical resources on ventilation, indoor air quality, diesel exhaust, etc.


PPE safety fact sheets and safety meeting outlines. Contact lenses and chemicals. Full text of PPE Program. Technical reference manual. Safety checklists.

Railing Safety

ADA accessibility handrail and grab bar requirements. OSHA, UBC handrail specifications. Ramp railing requirements.

Respiratory Protection

Full text of Respiratory Protection Programs. Information on respirators and respirator programs. Selection and use of particulate respirators. Qualitative fit testing.

Safety Behavior

Guidance on behavioral safety topics. Readings and reference materials on the subject of behavior safety.

Safety Committees

Safety committee development as a component of a corporate safety program.

Safety Management

Integrated safety management systems to reduce death and injury on transportation facilities. Safety delivery system models. Transportation safety research and technology.

Shop Safety

Shop safety hazards, controls and safety program materials - wood shops, machine shops, farm shops, vehicle repair shops, etc

Slips and Falls

Safety bulletins on slips and falls. Technical information on the control of hazards from walking and working surfaces. Safety checklists.


Photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. How smoke detectors work. Smoke alarm facts. Smoke management in atria.


Spanish language safety training handouts and materials including construction tool box talks


Technical papers on fire protection, suppression systems, halon substitutes, etc. Fire protection engineering. Guidance for sprinkler system maintenance and testing.

Storing Chemicals

Guidelines on proper chemical storage practice. Safety controls. Chemical compatibility charts. Storage cabinets. Safe storage of laboratory chemicals. Corrosion and chemical resistance. Secondary containment storage requirements. Hazardous chemical reactions. Compounds that form peroxides during storage.

Substance Abuse

Full text of US DOT regulations on workplace drug testing programs for transportation. Overview and outline of DOT requirements for drug and alcohol testing. Full text of a commercial driver license alcohol and drug testing program. Research studies that address the problem of drunk driving. Full text of a university's substance abuse program for CDL requirements.

Tank Safety

Code requirements on above ground storage tanks at motor vehicle fuel dispensing stations. EPA secondary containment storage requirements for chemicals. Requirements for closure of UST temporarily or permanently. EPA guidance on tank & piping installation, spill & overfill prevention, corrosion protection & more. Large number of articles on tank specifications, codes, installation, recommended practices, etc. Guidance on EPA leak detection requirements

Thermal Comfort

Thermal stress, thermal comfort guidelines, TLV's for heat and cold exposure,

Violence in Workplace

Guidelines for prevention of workplace violence, risk factors and strategies to manage violence in the workplace. Workplace homicides. Violence in convenience store robberies. Healthcare industry violence. How domestic violence affects the workplace.

Warehouse Safety

Resources on loading dock safety, warehouse fire loss prevention, and other safety hazards and controls related to loading docks and to warehouses.

WC Forms

Obtain access to workers compensation forms for those states who provide them on their websites. The majority can be downloaded.

Workplace Radiation

Resources. Technical reference manuals. Fact sheets. Control of radioactive materials. Radiation safety policies, procedures & manuals. Worker safety training modules & study guides. Full text of radiation safety programs. Guidelines on radioactive material identification, storage, control, transportation, etc. Safety concerns from medical radiology procedures. User guides for workers using equipment that deal with radiation.
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