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Guidance on the required information for chemical hazard label systems for DOT, HMIS, NFPA diamond. Explanations of R-phrases, S-phrases & corresponding number codes used on chemical labels in the European Union. The pesticide label review manual used by the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs. NFPA Hazard Information Rating Tables - access databases to determine the NFPA symbol code for each chemical listed.

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Updated CFR Title 16 Chapter II Part 1500 Hazardous Substances & Articles [21091] ?

Full text of CPSC regulations related to labeling of hazardous chemicals

Chemical Guide [18457] ?

NFPA 704 codes, DOT class codes by chemical

Chemical Label Database [25333] ?

A convenient tool for helping you label chemical containers in your area

DOE Standard Radiological Control [pdf] [9175] ?

DOE STD 1098-99

DOT Hazardous Materials Table [22019] ?

List of chemicals provides hazard classes for shipping labels for each chemical listed

EPA Consumer Label Initiative [10431] ?

EPA-industry effort to improve product labeling for consumers

EU Compressed Gas Cylinder Colour Codes [pdf] [29990] ?

Gas cylinder shoulder colours

EU Compressed Gas Cylinder Identification [pdf] [29991] ?

Colour Coding and Labelling Requirements

EU: Safety Phrases Used in the Countries of European Union [16398] ?

These safety phrases (S-phrases) & corresponding number codes are used on chemical labels in the EU

European Union: Chemical Risk Phrases [25576] ?

The following risk phrases (or R-phrases) and the corresponding number codes are used in countries of the European Union

Updated Federal Hazardous Substance Act 15 USC 1261-1278 [pdf] [21092] ?

Text of regulations requiring cautionary labeling of hazardous household products

Globally Harmonized System [16397] ?

Explains GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

Hazardous Material Identification Guide [2231] ?

Describes the NFPA fire diamond and PPE symbols used for labeling chemicals

Hazardous Materials Information System [22889] ?

National Paint and Coatings Association label requirements

HMIS: Hazardous Materials Identification System [3339] ?

Explanation of the HMIS coding system in identifying and labeling hazardous materials

Household Cleaners & Safety Labeling [pdf] [21090] ?

How precautionary statements are used on household cleaning product labels

Updated How to Select DOT Labels for your Hazmat Package [23053] ?

DOT hazmat label requirements

Identification Of Chemical Hazards Through Labeling [3342] ?

Overview of NFPA 704, DOT, HMIS, ANSI Z129.1 chemical labeling

Labeling for Hazard Communication [3122] ?

Discusses OSHA's labeling requirements for hazard communication

Laboratory Safety Signs and Labels [30171] ?

Samples for proper labeling of chemical storage cabinets, refrigerators and freezers, and signage for work areas

LD50 and LC50 [25577] ?

Explanation of Lethal Dose 50 and Lethal Concentration

NFPA 704 Ratings for Common Chemicals [9254] ?

Chart provides the NFPA diamond numeric label ratings for each chemical listed

NFPA Chemical Hazard Label [14327] ?

Explains the ratings and illustrates special precaution symbols

Updated NFPA Diamond Chemical Hazard Labeling [3340] ?

Explanation of the NFPA diamond and hazard rating symbols

NFPA Label Information Chemical Database [14326] ?

Access tables of chemicals to determine the NFPA symbol code for each chemical listed

NFPA Ratings Evaluation Guide [21068] ?

Order wall chart that interprets NFPA diamond - no additional fees required

OSHA Laboratory Labeling Requirements [3337] ?

Guidance on required information for chemical labels under hazcom and laboratory standards

Pesticide Label Review Manual [10425] ?

Manual used by the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs for pesticide label review

R-Phrases [27491] ?

Risk phrases used in the classification, packaging, labelling and provision of information on dangerous substances

S-Phrases [27492] ?

Safety phrases used in the classification, packaging, labelling and provision of information on dangerous substances

United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labelling of Chemicals [27494] ?

Describes GHS classification criteria and hazard communication elements

WHMIS Classes & Symbols [21076] ?

Explains Canada's WHMIS classes and their symbols

WHMIS Label FAQ [21077] ?

Answers to 12 common questions about Canada's WHIM labeling requirements

WHMIS Labels Overview [21075] ?

Canada's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) requirements for labels

WHMIS Supplier Labeling Requirements [21074] ?

Canada's hazardous chemical labeling requirements

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