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Full text of written safety policies and procedures - some currently in use.

Construction » Construction Safety

Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Construction Industry Guide for Managing Lead [35244] ?

Relevant forms, checklists and information sheets that can be adapted to different work sites

SOP: Work Sites [pdf] [14816] ?

Full text of a large number of Standard Operating Procedures for injury prevention at work sites

Construction » Contractor Safety Manual

Sample construction safety programs, rules, policies, checklists, SOPs

Canada: Safe Construction Work Practices [22067] ?

Safe work practice documents for the construction industry

Construction Industry Guide for Managing Lead & Silica [35245] ?

Relevant forms, checklists and information sheets that can be adapted to different work sites

Construction » Jobsite Safety

Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Contractor Work Rules [pdf] [35016] ?

An example of job site safety rules

Updated Pipeline Job Site Safety Plan [35242] ?

Contractor safety resources

Construction » Work Zone Safety

Best practices for minimizing delay & enhancing safety in highway construction

Road Maintenance Traffic Control Guidelines [14811] ?

For spraying operations, pavement coring, mowing operations

Work Zone Safety Program [14812] ?

Materials to be used to institute a work zone safety program

Disaster Response » Checklists

Emergency preparedness checklists, bomb threat checklists

Emergency Action Plan Checklist [pdf] [18890] ?

Sample EAP checklist for creating a site-specific plan

Emergency Response Agreements Checklist [pdf] [18909] ?

Checklist currently in use by the US National Weather Service

Disaster Response » Emergency Plans

Examples of emergency management and action plans

Building Emergency Plan Template [36497] ?

In use by a major university

Emergency Program Elements [14050] ?

A campus emergency program

Facilities Safety and Emergency Preparedness [13995] ?

Full text of emergency preparedness policies of NIEHS

Hospital Disaster Plan [21753] ?

Full text of a sample plan with standard operating guidelines

Disaster Response » Evacuations

Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Corridor Clearance and Use Guidelines [pdf] [28882] ?

Example of a policy for adequate access and use by emergency personnel and for unobstructed evacuations

Means of Egress - Corridor Clearance [pdf] [28881] ?

Example of a university's policy for healthcare buildings - providing a safe means of egress

Occupant Evacuation Plan [pdf] [28883] ?

Example of a plan in use by the National Institutes of Health

Disaster Response » Hazmat

Hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response - hazmat teams

Environmental Response Team Standard Operating Procedures [20211] ?

Full text of air, water, etc. sampling procedures in use by the EPA's ERT

Drivers and Vehicles » Fleet Policies

Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Employee Vehicle Use Guidelines [25286] ?

Example of a policy in use at a major university

Guidelines/Policies Related to Autos [24453] ?

Example of an MVR point system and general rules for determining a preventable accident

Sample Fleet Safety Policy [pdf] [28994] ?

Example of a sample corporate policy related to fleet safety

Volunteer Drivers Best Practices [35760] ?

A tool kit that provides the framework for developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs

Drivers and Vehicles » Vehicle Inspections

Procedures for inspecting trucks, buses, cargo tanks, etc. Pre-trip inspections.

Motor Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Inspection & Snomobile Pre-Trip Checklists [pdf] [18883] ?

Sample checklists and safety rules for motor vehicle safety, snomobiles and snowcats

Environment » Noise

Hearing conservation programs, acoustics, hearing protection devices, etc.

Hearing Conservation Checklist [pdf] [18896] ?

Sample Format for Audiometric Test Records & Hearing Conservation Program Checklist

Equipment Safety » Crane-Hoist Safety

Crane and hoist safety program materials

Cranes, Hoists And Slings Checklist [pdf] [18907] ?

Sample checklist and safety rules for the use of cranes, hoist and slings

Lifting/Crane Safety Procedures [27185] ?

Sample job site crane safety requirements

Rules for Rigging [pdf] [26062] ?

Inspections and general requirements for rigging safety

Work Practices When Using Cranes [27071] ?

Recommendations for safe work procedures when using cranes

Equipment Safety » Forklift Safety

Forklift safety program materials

Forklift Checklist [pdf] [18880] ?

Sample pre-operational checklists and forklift safety checklists

Equipment Safety » Lockout/Tagout

Equipment electrical safety, lockout/tagout programs, preventing electrical shoc

Control of Hazardous Energy Sources Checklist [pdf] [18889] ?

Sample lockout/tagout checklist and safety rules

Sample Lockout/Tagout Procedures [18915] ?

Typical minimal lockout procedures

SOP: Lockout - Tagout Handbook [25413] ?

Standard operating procedures and safety rules for LOTO

Equipment Safety » Tool Safety

Safety fact sheets and tips on the safe use of hand and power tools

Chain Saw Safety [pdf] [26417] ?

Safety rules when using chain saws

Hand and Power Tool Safety Checklist [pdf] [18904] ?

Sample checklist and safety rules for the use of hand and power tools

Equipment Safety » Welding Safety

Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Hot Work Permit Program [pdf] [3334] ?

Example of a hot work permit program for welding, flame cutting and soldering

Hot Work Permit Template and Checklist [pdf] [18879] ?

Sample hot work permit template, safety checklist and procedures

Geology - Soil Mechanics » Excavation Safety

Resources on excavation and trenching safety requirements

Trenching And Excavation Operations Checklist [pdf] [18886] ?

Sample trenching safety checklist and standard operating procedures

Marine » Marine Safety

Resources on maritime, terminal and shipyard safety

Small Boat Safety [pdf] [18878] ?

Sample small boat safety checklist, accident report form and float plan

Marine » Marine Safety Manuals

Sample marine safety programs, crewman's handbook, etc

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) [pdf] [29073] ?

Checklist to be completed by a US Coast Guard approved Vessel Examiner

Safety » Accident Investigation

Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

Accident Investigation Team [15581] ?

Outlines the dutes of an accident investigation team / committee

Accident/Illness Reporting and Recording Procedures & Forms [pdf] [18903] ?

Sample procedures and forms in use by a US government agency

Safety » Compressed Gas

Compressed gas cylinder safety, pressure line safety, etc.

Compressed Gas Safety Checklist [pdf] [18894] ?

Checklists for compressed gas safety, hydrogen safety, cylinder inspections

Gas Cylinder Safety [16870] ?

Safe operating procedures for gas cylinders

Safety » Confined Space Program

Technical resources related to confined space requirements

Confined Space Entry Checklist [pdf] [18897] ?

Sample Confined-Space Entry Permit and Checklist

Safety » Fall Protection

Falls from elevations and fall protection safety resources

Fall Protection Checklist [pdf] [18881] ?

Sample Fall Protection procedure

Safety » Fire Programs

Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Fire Protection Program [19421] ?

Guidance on a fire protection safety program

Sample Fire Prevention Plan [pdf] [18891] ?

Template for a fire prevention plan

Safety » Flammables

Controlling the hazards from flammable and combustible liquids and gases

Battery Charging and Storage Operations Checklist [pdf] [18900] ?

These systems may include lead acid batteries, lithium chloride batteries, and other similar devices

Flammable & Combustible Liquid Storage Checklist [pdf] [18901] ?

Sample checklist and safety rules for safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids

Safety » Hazcom

Full text of hazard communication programs and resources

Hazard Communication Program [pdf] [18892] ?

Sample hazard communication program procedures

Safety » Office Safety

Checklists, office safety programs, training materials, home offices, etc.

Office Safety Checklist [pdf] [18882] ?

Sample office safety checklist and instructions

Safety » PPE

Workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Programs

Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Installation [pdf] [16827] ?

Standard procedures for installing emergency eyewash and safety showers

PPE Checklist [pdf] [18893] ?

Sample checklist for PPE use - eye & face protection and more

SOP: PPE - Construction [pdf] [14813] ?

Full text of a Standard Operating Procedure for construction workers wearing PPE

Safety » Respiratory Protection

Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

Respiratory Protection Checklist & Program [pdf] [18895] ?

Sample respiratory protection program and checklist, respirator medical evaluation questionnaire

Safety » Shop Safety

Safety hazards and controls associated with shop work

Safety » Slips and Falls

Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

Walking - Working Surfaces Checklist [pdf] [18899] ?

Guidelines to reduce potential slips, trips, and falls

Safety » Sprinklers

Technical resources on fire sprinklers, halon, fire protection engineering

Fire System Shutdown Procedures [22404] ?

Fire sprinkler and alarm shut down notification procedures

Safety » Storing Chemicals

Guidelines for proper storage of chemicals, compatibility charts, etc.

Laboratory Management of Waste Containers [1142] ?

Management of laboratory waste containers is the key to proper disposal of hazardous waste

Safety » Thermal Comfort

TLV's for heat and cold exposure, thermal stress, thermal comfort guidelines

Canada: TLVs for Heat and Cold Exposure [18887] ?

Canadian health and safety regulations with respect to thermal conditions in the workplace

Safety » Workplace Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials and more

Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Checklist [pdf] [18902] ?

Sample checklist and safety rules for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

Manual for the Safe Handling of Radioactive Substances [pdf] [16830] ?

A manual on radiation safety

Radiation Food Safety and Japanese Food [3333] ?

USDA U.S. Food, Animal and Agricultural Commodities Import Safety Process

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